We are a nationwide movement of solution-driven leaders working to end education inequity in Uganda. Teach For Uganda exists to break the cycle of poverty by expanding educational opportunities to all children in Uganda. We hire promising university graduates and equip them with teaching and leadership skills to effect change in under-served classrooms across the country.

Our Core Values

  • Children first; we put children at the center of everything we do, and we work tirelessly to provide for them meaningful experiences that allow them to realize their fullest potential.
  • Sense of possibility; we believe that nothing is impossible, and we work hard to achieve our goals above and beyond what is expected of us.
  • Constantly learning; it’s only through learning that growth is achieved. We encourage reflection, and appreciate feedback as a practice, constantly search for new knowledge from books, research and articles to deepen our understanding, and bring innovation to various aspects of our work.
  • Humility and respect; we treat each other with dignity and respect, appreciate each other’s strengths, perceptions and experiences, and acknowledge our own limitations. We value our relationship with communities, leaders, schools and parents, and constantly engage them to advance our work of providing an excellent education to all children.
  • Teamwork; we support and challenge one another, work cooperatively with enthusiasm and appreciation, respect each other’s views, and make our work environment fun and enjoyable.


Our Partners & Supporters

We are deeply grateful to our partners and champions who enable us to achieve our mission and vision of developing the leaders Uganda needs to reimagine education for all our children to achieve their fullest potential.