Our fellowship is designed to give young leaders meaningful and impactful experiences at the heart of Uganda’s education challenge. Informed by their experience, alumni of the program (and, over time, their students) will work from inside and outside the education system to affect the fundamental changes necessary to ensure equitable access to quality education for all children in Uganda.

Post fellowship, our alumni will join a network of like-minded leaders committed to the collective mission of nurturing leaders who are committed to advancing equitable access to quality education in low-income communities. We will also support our alumni to build their leadership capacity as educators, social entrepreneurs, and leaders/policymakers.

After completing the fellowship, with our continued support, our alumni bench-mark on their fellowship experience to drive systemic change within and without Uganda’s education sector as policymakers, educational leaders, and social entrepreneurs; all working together to advocate for education equity.

Life as fellow

Meet the Alumni

Bizoza Francis

Francis Bizoza is a Teach For Uganda Fellow and a professional teacher who has served in the rural schools of Uganda for the last 03 years. While at the Teach For Uganda fellowship, Francis was able to witness first-hand the challenges facing education among children in underprivileged communities of Uganda. He co-founded the Teacher Empowerment Program (TEP), a platform to transfer skills to rural teachers in the facilitation of learning and mobilization of communities to embrace education. He hopes to grow this association to become an international organization that retools teachers across Africa, with the knowledge that providing children with quality education is the best way to transform an entire nation. Francis is a Society-Internet Governance Fellow and a graduate of Makerere University Uganda.

Eng. Kyobe Benard

Engineer Kyobe was placed at Nabutaka Primary school where he and his colleague mobilized parents and other community leaders to value education and bring their children to school. As a mathematics teacher, he inspired his students to self-learn and to love mathematics as a subject. Kyobe intends to continue teaching after realizing that it is the profound act of leadership and the best way to build Uganda as a country – knowing that we have the youngest population in the world. Kyobe holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Makerere University.

Mr. Charles Obore

Charles was placed at St. Jude Mwangi Primary School in Luwero where he and his colleague run a campaign dubbed “every child go to school”, which helped increase enrolment in the school from 83 students to 320 within 1 year. As a mathematics and science teacher, he taught his children using practical approaches that have helped them to develop hand skills and improve on their performances.

Some of his pupils developed an architectural design for a modern community that they intend to build as adults and others developed egg incubators with locally made materials. He also mobilized resources to build teachers’ houses in his school, a project that is underway to date. Charles currently runs a community-based organisation in Kumi district that uses sports to inspire young girls to stay in school and as an opportunity to impart technical skills to the girls to economically empower them.

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