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The Teach For Uganda Fellowship Program is a two-year leadership development opportunity for you to change the lives of children around Uganda while developing the most sought-after leadership skills. The fellowship is an incredibly challenging, fulfilling and rewarding experience. It will grow you and transform your life, as well as that of your students, in ways you could have never imagined.

Applications closed!

Applications for the Teach For Uganda fellowship are currently closed. Please check for future dates for when applications will be open.

How to apply!

How To Become A Fellow:

Online Application Process:

Fill in the application form and submit your CV along with four short-answer responses and one essay response.

Phone Interview:

If your online application is successful, you will be invited to complete a Critical Thinking Assignment.

Assessment centre:

If you progress past the Critical Thinking Assignment, you will be invited for an in-person interview with TFU staff.

Fellowship Offer:

TFU will inform successful applicants of the final decision concerning their application, and will share next steps.

frequently asked questions:

1. How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

To apply, you must be a citizen of Uganda below the age of 35, you must have completed at least a bachelor’s degree in any discipline of study, and you must have achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.

2. What do you look for in an applicant?

Our fellows serve as advocates, teachers, and advisers for their students. When you stand in front of a child, you must be your best self. The qualities that excite us in an applicant are a willingness to care for and protect our children, perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges, excellent communication and interpersonal skillswith the ability to listen to, motivate and influence others, a track record of demonstrated leadership and outstanding achievement, excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and a can-do attitude. Note that if you read this list and initially worry that you do not possess all these qualities, but then think that you are willing and ready to develop these qualities, you’re a star! We look forward to receiving your application 🙂

3. I’m a little shy to ask, but what are the benefits and professional opportunities from participating in the TFU Fellowship?

You should not hesitate to ask. These are important questions to ask as you take on a new opportunity. As a fellow, you will receive cutting-edge global training in leadership and innovative teaching methods, networking opportunities to learn from a global Teach For All network of fellows, alumni and leaders spanning over 40 countries and 6 continents, a monthly stipend and health insurance, and personalized mentorship and coaching from dedicated leadership development coaches.

4. What exactly do fellows do in the classroom?

Our fellows teach full-time in UPE schools. During your two years in our program, it will be your personal responsibility to empower your students. As a teacher, you will set high expectations for your students, build a culture of achievement in the classroom, design effective lesson plans tailored to students’ needs, provide one-on-one mentorship to students in order to support them more meaningfully, employ learner-centered approaches of teaching to keep students engaged and motivated to learn, design and make use of learning aids to create a conducive learning environment for students, collaborate with other teachers, school leaders and community members in order to provide comprehensive care for the students, administer and analyze assessments in order to monitor students’ academic progress, and organize parent meetings to engage them in the learning of their children. In your 2nd year, you will research, plan and implement a project to address one primary challenge to students’ achievement. We expect a lot from you as a fellow, but we also provide you with personalized support to meet your needs, and increase your effectiveness as a teacher and as a leader.

5. Must I be a teacher to apply?

No, you don’t. The program uses the teaching experience as a Leadership Development tool. Therefore, we recruit candidate from diverse fields of study to serve in the communities for a 2-year period. 


Teach for Uganda is a small but steadily growing team. We are a change-driven team! By working with us, you will join a community of like-minded leaders committed to the collective mission of ending education inequity in Uganda.

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Keep dreams alive fund

As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, a lockdown was declared nationwide. This means children are out of school until further notice. While the government of Uganda has endeavored to ensure continuous education by posting lessons on radios and television, our learners in the underserved and rural communities are unable to access the same privilege. They’re missing out and lagging behind. 
Teach For Uganda is raising funds to procure innovative learning materials such as readers, workbooks for mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies, Developing Lessons for community radios, and support the 2020-21 Fellows in their leadership journey as they creatively devise means to reach their learners daily on all platforms.